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Wraps are kind of my life.


Good morning all!

Yesterday was super intense at work and when I got home I just wanted to relax a bit. We are having an Accreditation team coming on Monday and we were running around all day trying to get everything ready! I don’t like being under pressure but I seem to get the most done when I have a short amount of time. Anyhoo, last night when I got home(with some fro yo in hand) my roommate and I watched Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution…He is so passionate and genuine about wanting unprocessed foods in schools. I love passionate people who go after what they want! As soon as it was over we began watching Brothers with Jake Gyllenhaal and Tobey Maguire. It was sooooo real and sad and unexpected. My only advice would be to not watch it while your trying to relax! It was kind of gut wrenching. What did we do after watching such an intense movie? Of course, follow it up with Joe Dirt. haha.

Anyhoo, this morning I wanted to try use up the last of things I had like spinach and the flat bread (I don’t want it to mildew). I also had some shredded pepper jack and eggs…what do all of these ingredients make?

in a word?


I think even just a little pepper jack adds a ton of flavor and the way the spinach snaps when you bite into it adds another layer of texture…

In other news I am contemplating whether or not to do the Half-marathon on May 1st. I raised 500 bucks for the American Heart Association and am so proud of that and so appreciative to the generous people in my life. Something got in my way of training for about 2 1/2 months…a little thing called MONO…or rather the Epstein-Barr virus (same difference?). Even since I’ve been feeling better, I get flippin’ exhausted after a workout that I haven’t found the strength to be consistent…I really want to prove I can do it, but I really don’t like the thought of half-assing 13.1 miles. So what I have been thinking of doing is signing up for another 1/2 marathon and actually training without being sick so that I can run successfully and not crawl toward the finish line. Sometimes things are out of our control and maybe I should accept it. The money is still going toward a good cause and I ‘ll still be doing a half marathon, only later without a viral infection to screw me up for months. Any thoughts?

I am a little torn up about it.

ok, off to my coffee heaven, aka PEETS!!! Tons of studying to do and lesson plans…I might be the only woman NOT to love Jane Austen. I am teaching Pride and Prejudice need to brush up…oy!

Until later friends!

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