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Homemade Takeout and Other Revelations!

I got all fancy today. Pointy flats, cute skirt, floral top and white sweater…not a speck of black – my favorite color and the majority of the color of my clothes. I wanted to look fresh and full of life for the Accreditation team visiting our school…I also took care of my classroom, cleaning it up for the visitors!

and guess what?

The team didn’t even observe me! Bahhhh!

At first I was bummed because when you put in the work (and in my case, actually dress up) you want it to be seen! Then I thought, hey, now my classroom is clean, I look nice and should feel good about it….so I do 🙂

In fact dressing up a bit made me feel kind of good. I think of myself 10 years ago and wonder what my 15-year-old self would say to me. That girl couldn’t go outside without trying to look right. Now it seems if I don’t wear a sweatshirt, I’m dressed up…hmmm…today gave me a lot to think about. Sure dressing up may seem a tad superficial, but if it makes me feel better about myself, why not? I think when I gained weight, what little pride I had in my looks vanished and it became more about covering up what I was ashamed of than expressing myself or accentuating the positive. It’s something I am struggling with to this day. Silly accreditation got me thinking about a lot of stuff I guess!

Mondays I have work and then class so I didn’t get home until abut 7:15…I was famished but wanted to satisfy my chinese food fix from the other day. I pulled out a few different ingredients such as, brown rice, zucchini, celery, garlic, a lil’ tiny shallot, turkey bacon/ham, egg whites and Soyaki (a mix of terriaki and soy sauce, aka, a little piece of heaven)…

I chopped a little garlic and shalot with one tablespoon of olive oil and added some chopped celery and zucchini. Next time I would throw in more veggies, but I just used up what I had!

I began to cook up the veggies and had the bright idea to let it soak up some Trader Joe’s low sodium vegetable broth. I let the veggies soak up the broth a bit.

it smelled soooo good! After the veggies cooked for a bit I took them out of the pan and cooked the turkey bacon – it was more like Canadian bacon or ham than bacon, and it tasted really good! I added a little Pam to keep any sticking from happening.

I used 3 slices (at 30 calories per slice) for my “fried rice” (which ended up being 3 serving).. not bad, huh?

After it got that awesome golden “I’m cooked” look, I added egg whites and scrambled them. After that I added the veggies back as well as 1 cup of brown rice. Then I added maybe 2-3 table spoons of Soyaki!

I turned up the heat and tossed my rice around for a minute or two.

I was so pleased with this! I didn’t add that much Soyaki, so the dark color kind of surprised me….then again it was brown rice. In any case, I don’t think I could find better fried rice than I can make right here. I’m already thinking of what to put in it next time! Carrots, shrimp, peas! I LOVE it! And now I have a kick butt lunch tomorrow! yessss….

Lots of food for thought for my tonight kids!

Have a good one!

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