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Dear Mom….

Thank you for giving me an AMAZING education.

Thank you for giving me your eyes.

Thank you for feeding me, clothing me, and giving me somewhere safe to be every night.

Thank you for never giving up on me, especially when I feel like giving up on myself.

Thank you for giving me a relationship with my nonna that changed my life.

Thank you for showing me that FAMILY is the number 1 responsibility.

Thank you for marrying my dad and having my brother and me. He’s a one of a kind, and an example of what a real man should be: kind, loving, and someone who will stand up for you.

Thank you for allowing me to dance, swim and play volleyball…all of these things took more time out of your day, but you did  it for me.

Thank you for your sacrifices. Sending two kids to private school and living in the Bay Area is a real accomplishment!! 🙂

Thank you for your laugh… Listening you laugh puts a smile on my face.

Thank you for being strong.

Thank you for not letting me come home my first year of college. I am forever grateful I stuck it out and now have some of the best friends a girl could ask for as a result.

Thank you for your understanding when I decided to change my career 3 times in 4 months.

Most of all, thank you for loving me and thank you for being MY MOM. I don’t think there is another woman as generous or beautiful or as AMAZING as you are.



ps. who couldn’t love a woman who gave birth to these kids?  😉

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