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Yoga pants and frizzy hair…

Hey guys… let me tell you about the rest of my night!

I had a little headache and stayed in my room…then as I tried to sleep, my stomach began to hurt and my head began to spin… After getting up and pacing for a bit, I decided to drive to my mom’s house. Last time this happened, I had a little friend I would like to call food poisoning! Being scared that I might throw up at any minute and not wanting to totally gross out my roomies with the sound of me possibly retching, I hightailed it home around 11:30 at night. My mom is just the best. She was waiting for me, gave me a big hug and told me to get her if I needed anything. I stayed up until I felt better and slept like a baby. No puking or anything else. How weird was that? I think the fear of being sick was way worse than the stomach ache I had. I HATE throwing up and after the trauma of food poisoning, I was so scared it was going to happen again.  It’s funny that I talked about fear in my last post and then proceeded to completely let fear get the best of me only hours later~!

I guess the redeeming part is that I got up this morning, put on the clothes I hastily shoved into my bag (a sweatshirt and yoga pants – thank goodness it’s “free dress” at work today!), pulled back my frizzy, non-heat processed hair and went to work. Road bump #1 – SCORE 1 FOR ME!

Love you guys!

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