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love you:)

Hi All!

I am writing you at noon, on my bed, with a quad non-fat latte watching MSNBC. Life is good.

Last night we celebrated my college pal Rupi’s medical school graduation. I can’t believe we graduated from college four years ago and now she’s graduated from med school! In other awesome graduation news my old roomie/ platonic soul-mate Lizzie just graduated from her program for occupational therapy! Go Lizzie! Both Lizzie and Rupi were kind of awesome inspirations to me for going after what they wanted. Lizzie started off as a completely different major and decided it wasn’t right for her. She took the time to figure it out and seeing her grow into the beautiful, awesome, passionate woman she has become has been such a joy to see.

I have been so lucky to see these woman I have grown up with through college and beyond (Rupi, Lizzie, Jessica, Alicia, Liu,  Claudia and so many more!)and love them so much. We’re grown ups now, huh? Whether we end up as doctors or pharmacists, or therapists(occupational or otherwise), or business people or educators or public relation specialists, you all will always have the warmest, most special place in my heart!

Love you all!

Ok, mushy part aside, today is my day to get organized. My room and laundry needs some TLC and I need to plan out my week. Things are going to be super busy over the next few weeks and I have to be up for the challenge!



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  1. Alicia
    June 14, 2010 at 7:48 pm

    And with that, I say we organize a girls’ weekend for some time this fall – for real this time! Would love to spend some quality time with my favorites 🙂

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