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I am 26… whatttt?

June 29, 2010 Leave a comment

Hey everyone!

Yesterday I turned the big 26…ohhhh my gosh.  I wanted to share an email I sent out to some friends today and I want to pass this on to anyone I missed…


I just wanted to say I love you all. The last year or so has challenged in ways I never thought possible. Death, life, sickness, joy, success, and renewal have been these enormous events in my life – all having to do with CHANGE. A year and a half ago I never thought anything I am doing in my life would be possible. Me in grad school and working full time? Me Living with BOYS!? Me moving on and trying to live a life without my nonna and finding that there is joy in living for her? Me being sick for almost three months and deciding that life is for the living and not for those who let time pass by? This has been a year of finding my strength and power and even though I haven’t gotten to see many of you that much, please know your influence on me. Who I am  and who I am becoming is influenced by my friends and loved ones. I felt so loved on my birthday that I simply wanted to give some love back. I am sooooo lucky and blessed to know all of you. Thanks for being a part of my life.

Love, L O V E, LOVE,


ps. Thor, I ❤ you like woah. I am so glad we are bff and ps 😉 Now when are we going to dance girl??

So in a nutshell, I love EVERYONE. Enough of being mushy!

Write to you soon!

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Papa bear, Mike, Dad, Papa Smurf…

June 20, 2010 1 comment

Baby boy

little man

Independent so young

A soldier

A man

A veteran

A hard worker

A learner

A teacher

A friend

A husband





was patient

helped me

defended me

loved me

loves  US.






so flippin’ smart

a self-made man, his road was complicated but he found his way

to his family.

I am so glad you found us dad.

You are loved more than you know. You will ALWAYS be loved. ALWAYS.

Thank you for teaching me kindness, self-expression and showing me what a real man should be like…


Katherine 🙂

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A Beautiful Day!!

June 17, 2010 Leave a comment

hello all! Day one of summer was a success! Thor and I headed into Walnut creek and explored! Then we finally tried this restaurant called LETTUCE…All fresh and healthy food. It was pretty much a little bit of heaven on a plate!

Roma Sandwich - With prosciutto, provolone, roasted bell pepper & extra virgin basil oil (Acme Focaccia Role) and caesar salad. AMAZING!

My girl Thor had this!

Caprice - Fresh mozzarella, tomato, red onion, balsamic drizzle, fresh basil (Acme Focaccia Bread) with a NAPA salad

We both LOVED the salads! I think next time we might skip the sandwich and get right to the amazing salad.

After wandering for a bit with my roomie Jake with us, we went to VA DA VIE – incredible… We shared a bottle of wine and dreamed that we were independently wealthy so we could repeat this day forever… hilarity ensued.

We had  a cheese plate… It was GOUDA 😉

Thor and Jake...Thor is kind of awesome for picking the best bottle of wine ever!!

I am becoming a better photographer, right?

they gave up on life after such a great time...things could not get any better...or could it??

Yes it could... GELATO!!

Overall, it was an absolutely beautiful day…the kind of day where you feel blessed to just be here. After the stress of the last school year, both with teaching and my own studies, I needed yesterday.

Have a great day all!!

I shall leave you with a mini-fashion show…

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Don’t Judge Me, ok?

June 15, 2010 Leave a comment

Hey people!

I am officially on summer break for a whollllllllle Week and a half! My work ended Friday, my students graduated Saturday and my grad school finals were yesterday and today…I am pooped to say the least, but super pleased with how things went.

There was something that kind of bothered me. I had an evaluation with a professor and somewhere in the middle of saying I was doing well, he mentioned that I lacked confidence and don’t seem to treat myself very well. That stung. ouch. The worst part was that this guy, although a well-trained PhD, but really a stranger nonetheless, pointed out something about me I thought I hid pretty well. My first thought was, “hey!” and then I realized he was right. I am kind of tough on myself. I think the next week or so will be a lesson for me to treat myself better. We all deserve the best.

How do you treat yourselves well? let’s discuss?

In lighter news…

I have found a love this week for two really colorful food items:

The grapefruit! I don’t think I have had one in YEARS!! I remember eating one at my nonna’s house a lifetime ago. I love how food brings up memories…:) I sprinkled a little Truvia on  it and it was AMAZING!

Sweet potato! or is it a yam? I always forget! I cut these up in rounds, and sprinkled a little cinnamon on top. I put a tiny bit (less than a TBSP TOTAL) of light butter on it. and nuked them! I bought this Land O’ Lakes butter that has 53 calories per serving. Awesome sauce!:) It was splendid!


Toodles kids…I’m off to bed!

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Since I’ve Been Gone…

June 13, 2010 Leave a comment

hello friends… After a much-needed break for various reasons, I am BACK! I just finished work, and after Tuesday, I’ll be done with school for a whole week and a half! 😉 Expect more consistent blogging, ok?

So, a little self disclosure. I  have had a difficult time blogging here because my ED has flared up. I think with all the changes going on in my life I have been freaking out and when I have so much change (even when it’s welcomed change) I take it out on my body. This summer will be a time for me to focus on my health and my body. I feel I never got back on board with my health after I got sick. I am formally recommitting,  done and done. ..


Here is a visual of some of the things I have been doing over the last few weeks!

ok, I have nothing to do with my roomie's garden, but it's awesome:)

I'm finding warmth before the high school graduation!!

my babies graduated!!!

and so there we go…

off to study!

love you guys!!

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