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Since I’ve Been Gone…

hello friends… After a much-needed break for various reasons, I am BACK! I just finished work, and after Tuesday, I’ll be done with school for a whole week and a half! 😉 Expect more consistent blogging, ok?

So, a little self disclosure. I  have had a difficult time blogging here because my ED has flared up. I think with all the changes going on in my life I have been freaking out and when I have so much change (even when it’s welcomed change) I take it out on my body. This summer will be a time for me to focus on my health and my body. I feel I never got back on board with my health after I got sick. I am formally recommitting,  done and done. ..


Here is a visual of some of the things I have been doing over the last few weeks!

ok, I have nothing to do with my roomie's garden, but it's awesome:)

I'm finding warmth before the high school graduation!!

my babies graduated!!!

and so there we go…

off to study!

love you guys!!

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