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Don’t Judge Me, ok?

Hey people!

I am officially on summer break for a whollllllllle Week and a half! My work ended Friday, my students graduated Saturday and my grad school finals were yesterday and today…I am pooped to say the least, but super pleased with how things went.

There was something that kind of bothered me. I had an evaluation with a professor and somewhere in the middle of saying I was doing well, he mentioned that I lacked confidence and don’t seem to treat myself very well. That stung. ouch. The worst part was that this guy, although a well-trained PhD, but really a stranger nonetheless, pointed out something about me I thought I hid pretty well. My first thought was, “hey!” and then I realized he was right. I am kind of tough on myself. I think the next week or so will be a lesson for me to treat myself better. We all deserve the best.

How do you treat yourselves well? let’s discuss?

In lighter news…

I have found a love this week for two really colorful food items:

The grapefruit! I don’t think I have had one in YEARS!! I remember eating one at my nonna’s house a lifetime ago. I love how food brings up memories…:) I sprinkled a little Truvia on  it and it was AMAZING!

Sweet potato! or is it a yam? I always forget! I cut these up in rounds, and sprinkled a little cinnamon on top. I put a tiny bit (less than a TBSP TOTAL) of light butter on it. and nuked them! I bought this Land O’ Lakes butter that has 53 calories per serving. Awesome sauce!:) It was splendid!


Toodles kids…I’m off to bed!

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