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A Beautiful Day!!

hello all! Day one of summer was a success! Thor and I headed into Walnut creek and explored! Then we finally tried this restaurant called LETTUCE…All fresh and healthy food. It was pretty much a little bit of heaven on a plate!

Roma Sandwich - With prosciutto, provolone, roasted bell pepper & extra virgin basil oil (Acme Focaccia Role) and caesar salad. AMAZING!

My girl Thor had this!

Caprice - Fresh mozzarella, tomato, red onion, balsamic drizzle, fresh basil (Acme Focaccia Bread) with a NAPA salad

We both LOVED the salads! I think next time we might skip the sandwich and get right to the amazing salad.

After wandering for a bit with my roomie Jake with us, we went to VA DA VIE – incredible… We shared a bottle of wine and dreamed that we were independently wealthy so we could repeat this day forever… hilarity ensued.

We had  a cheese plate… It was GOUDA 😉

Thor and Jake...Thor is kind of awesome for picking the best bottle of wine ever!!

I am becoming a better photographer, right?

they gave up on life after such a great time...things could not get any better...or could it??

Yes it could... GELATO!!

Overall, it was an absolutely beautiful day…the kind of day where you feel blessed to just be here. After the stress of the last school year, both with teaching and my own studies, I needed yesterday.

Have a great day all!!

I shall leave you with a mini-fashion show…

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