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I am 26… whatttt?

Hey everyone!

Yesterday I turned the big 26…ohhhh my gosh.  I wanted to share an email I sent out to some friends today and I want to pass this on to anyone I missed…


I just wanted to say I love you all. The last year or so has challenged in ways I never thought possible. Death, life, sickness, joy, success, and renewal have been these enormous events in my life – all having to do with CHANGE. A year and a half ago I never thought anything I am doing in my life would be possible. Me in grad school and working full time? Me Living with BOYS!? Me moving on and trying to live a life without my nonna and finding that there is joy in living for her? Me being sick for almost three months and deciding that life is for the living and not for those who let time pass by? This has been a year of finding my strength and power and even though I haven’t gotten to see many of you that much, please know your influence on me. Who I am  and who I am becoming is influenced by my friends and loved ones. I felt so loved on my birthday that I simply wanted to give some love back. I am sooooo lucky and blessed to know all of you. Thanks for being a part of my life.

Love, L O V E, LOVE,


ps. Thor, I ❤ you like woah. I am so glad we are bff and ps 😉 Now when are we going to dance girl??

So in a nutshell, I love EVERYONE. Enough of being mushy!

Write to you soon!

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