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tap it out…

Well ladies and gent (as I am sure my dad is the only guy who reads this blog…prove me wrong?) I have jumped off the deep end and enrolled in dance classes. I used to take tap and ballet but when all of my peers got on pointe in ballet, I was gently led to a jazz class. haha. I actually loved tap. Ballet was fun too, but being ever aware of the bodies around me, I knew mine didn’t fit in ballet. It was sort of a self-fulfilling prophesy. I thought I wouldn’t be great, so I wasn’t. But tap? different story! I wasn’t great but never cared! haha. I don’t remember why I stopped but I did. Now, 13 YEARS later, I am back in the grove and am taking a class!

Baby Ballroom shoes ūüôā so cute!! The bottoms are suede so you won't be slipping up too often!

Mary-Jane tap shoes!!! Yessss!!

I had my first class Wednesday night and MAN! it was difficult but fun! I forgot how much balance you need on tap shoes. I almost fell about 5 times, but somehow made it through. I also forgot how much time you spend on your toes! My calves are going to be STEEL after this is over.

On a less fun note, I also signed up for ballroom dancing. The description said, “no partner needed” so I obviously didn’t think to drag anyone with me. Well guess who didn’t have a partner? ME!! Dancing with Myself was the song playing in my head for 45 minutes. I was actually good, but being solo in that respect made it kind of sad. I spent about 2 minutes contemplating my early onset spinster-hood before I started laughing. It was kind of funny. I kept raising my hand and saying… now what if you don’t have¬† a partner? At first I thought the instructor would dance with me to make me feel less awkward, but she brought her fianc√© with her and was dancing with him. oh well. Dancing with Myself is a kick ass song and I kicked ass dancing… the best partner for me is me for now.

Want to hear another embarrassing story? Sure you do!¬† This morning I tripped over my Pilates machine and almost broke myself. It was one of those moments where you wish someone was there to witness it. After my initial heart palpitations over taking a nosedive subsided, all I could do was laugh. I will be the first one to say I take myself too seriously sometimes. I think God is trying to instill a better sense of humor about life in me. I think he’s saying don’t trip over it, use it! haha.

Since I have been out and about this summer here are some pictures for you! Thor and I were going to go to a Wine festival, but it was 30 bucks so we thought we would do our own wine and cheese night!

Gouda, Brie, Lavender jack, and aged Irish cheddar… kind of AMAZING… and wine of course…:)

sorry it’s sideways… I am having some editing issues!


I will spare you the brie pictures as I thought it would warm it in the oven and it kind of exploded..¬† We still ate it, but it wasn’t pretty!

Love you guys!

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