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I like to keep busy…

Well kids, where do I start. This weekend was …. interesting….

Saturday morning I drove my roomie and his girlfriend to BART in Oakland. They were on their way to the airport to go to Argentina…I so wish I wasn’t so petrified of flying, but I am. While Chuck is gone, I have permission to fix up this big empty room in the back of the house. (Chuck basically cannot say no to me…he doesn’t read my blog so I feel like I will get away with that statement 😉 )

After I dropped them off, I decided to head to IKEA, aka, my personal hell. I usually LOVE LOVE LOVE it, but Saturday I wanted to hit people with my cart. I get cart rage. I just hate it when people are rude. My parents taught me to say please, thank you and excuse me…I am continually shocked by the lack of manners people have sometimes. I think the lesson I learned that day was that I do not do well on little sleep, little caffeine and LOTS of people!

After IKEA I decided to put some stuff together. After hours of cussing and trying to figure out relatively simple directions( there weren’t even words, just pictures… I’m kind of horrified by my own lack of understanding), I put together a tall shelf, a coffee table and a side table. Whew! And then I went for it. I am making pillow covers for this ratty couch and man, it is hard!! We have another couch and I broke down and got a slip cover.

Listen friends. I like to keep busy. School is challenging but I need to do stuff that makes me work, makes me think outside the walls of academia…It may be a good workout too. I broke quite the sweat working on this room! Pictures will follow after more progress is made!!

Tomorrow, I plan to get back on track. A lot of things have come up for me lately and instead of being kind to myself, I let my anxiety take over. Without my job, I feel more free, but I don’t know what to do with it. Transitions, even when you are ready for them, can be stressful. I need to spend more time nurturing myself. I would do it in a second for other people… I just have to do it for me.

Love you all!

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