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I am in a world of pain this morning my friends. I had no idea painting was such the flipping workout! My legs, back and heels are THROBBING!!This was an …experience… I can’t say I would so willingly decide to paint another room all by myself again. I am happy to say I did it, but uh, that is all. I am at Starbucks right now, so no pictures up yet. I think it looks so much better than the drab gray color, but damn, it was hard to cover up! One wall wouldn’t need as much paint and another would need a ton!! I used up EVERYTHING! It was bizarre! I think after hour five, all I could see was Chipotle as my reward… Unfortunately, I finished too late and didn’t get to have my burrito bowl:(

In other painting related news, I got paint everywhere! Seriously, any body part not covered by clothing was splashed. I should have taken a picture of my face, but what little vanity I have left just wouldn’t allow it! I had paint in my hair, on my cheek, under my eye, above my eye, on my eye lashes, on my arms, ALL over my feet …ahh! I was so happy to take a long shower. After shampooing my hair two times, I thought I got all of the paint out. As I was waiting in line a few minutes ago, I saw slivers of it in my hair STILL!! haha. It’s kind of a badge of honor… or laziness. I was in bed at 11:30 and woke up at ten. I was POOPED kids.

I cannot wait to see the finished product of this room! It has been fun, but I am spent! both with my energy and (cough, cough) budget! Pictures after everything is all touched up and put away. 🙂

Ok, now I must do some school work!!


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