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It’s crazy to run into you here;)

Hey everyone!

I have been busy NONSTOP over the last 4 days! I started a new job and the hours are early some days and later on other days! I found this gem of a job that I think I am going to really like. It a medically supervised weight loss and maintenance clinic that focuses on nutrition and in many ways the psychology of weight loss. Umm HELLLOOO! that’s me. I feel like this will be a learning exercise for me as well as a job. I see it as something I could do even after grad school as a therapist. They are even starting a group therapy/ support group.:)

Sometimes it is hard to believe that things aren’t meant to be. When I began the interview process for this job, I was actually offered another job. The hours would have been good, but it wasn’t interesting to me, or that great of a deal. I thought I was be stupid to turn down a job in this economy, but I knew that this other job was it for me. At the end of the day I just couldn’t take the other job. I felt bad about it for a while,  but the more interviews I had(there were 3!) the more I realized that this was a job that would be both professionally and personally rewarding!

Anyhoo, this weekend is going to be crazy busy. I have soooo much grad school work to do! OY!

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