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go with your gut.

Hey everyone,

it was one of those days… one of those days that you can’t explain except to say things happen. Sometimes when we don’t trust our guts, the universe works to show us the error of our ways. I am done with my new job. I have school and classes I MUST take. In the end, school is and will be my priority.

The truth is, although at first I was excited, I soon felt I wasn’t quite the right fit for the job. While the people were nice, there was an underlying tension and I never quite felt like I fit in. Also, I never felt like a nutrition/health educator. EVER. I want to help people love their bodies and be healthy. I felt like I was helping to put a band-aid on a broken arm. I literally got a stomach ache at night, feeling like a hypocrite. I didn’t trust my gut influence my decisions.  I’ll work to keep that from happening again.

I am glad for the experience, but in soooo many ways relieved that it’s done.  I think after working at the school for so long, I thought, I need to be working and going to school full-time. While that worked for my first year in grad school, I see now, it won’t be possible anymore.  We’ll see what happens.  I am encouraged when I know I have the support of the people I love.

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