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Spicing things up a bit…


Let’s get down to business!

Friday I surprised my mom and dropped by for her birthday with some, Brie, pita crackers and Peet’s coffee….oh and flowers and some more Peet’s b-day  love.  My parents are getting their driveway re-paved so we stayed at home. My dad was there and my uncle ended up coming over so it was very comfortable and reminded me of old times. Since my nonna died, it has been hard to see family. Her house was sort of our gathering place, and now that she is gone we don’t have that “home base”. I am happy to see our house can become that. I love that my uncle or cousins can come over and hang out. It warms my heart and I know my nonna would be proud of my mom for keeping everything together. I couldn’t ask for a stronger mom…she keeps me in line and what little attitude I have in check. Thanks mom!

I always find it interesting that the things we want to change sometimes stay stagnant and the things we find to be our foundations change all the time. My family and our dynamics were the same for so long and in the last year and a half, EVERYTHING has changed. I am finding things work so much better when we stop fighting change. It happens. My education status has changed as well as my career. Accepting the idea that teaching and being in grad school simultaneously had to end and I had to choose was a little difficult. At the end of the day I chose what was right for me and know grad school was the right choice. My self-image has changed the most. I am not quite sure when it happened but it did. Maybe it was realizing I was the best version of me there ever would be! Maybe I realized I was a beautiful person on the inside so screw anyone who couldn’t see me for who I am? Maybe the Master’s program in counseling psych had something to do with it, or I simply matured. I grew up! Who knew it was possible? 😉

I also find myself going off on a deep thought on this blog… what I meant to say was that I was thinking of trying something new!


So I think of myself as a writer in that I like to write. After getting some encouragement from peeps, I decided to at least look into freelancing. The schedule (or lack of) might work with my school schedule. At the very least I would be getting to do something I love to do. No promises but I think I am up for trying something different!

I am also planning to spruce up my blog a bit… I want to do more recipes, have more body image focused posts and most of all live. it. up.

join me?

Off to a Sunday class on depression and suicide… ahhh the life of a counseling psych grad student… I’m in such a good mood, I kind of wish I could be sitting outside of Starbucks reading this instead!



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