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I want to hold your hand.

I was turning off my computer for the night when I saw Blanche grabbing Sofia’s hand on my FAVORITE show, Golden Girls and felt inspired to write instead.  When my nonna was alive we would sit in her kitchen and for no reason at all I would grab her hand and hold it tight. I have no idea why. Maybe I could sense her confusion or loneliness or disconnection from what she knew; other times maybe it was my own similar feelings. When we sat silently holding hands, I felt such a connection to her. When it is difficult to communicate with people, actions definitely speak louder than words. It could be dumb to think a simple gesture meant anything to her, but years later it still means something to me.

What would it be like for us to be conscious of our kindness? As easy as it may seem, life is busy people. Sometimes the nicest thing I do all day is bite my tongue (just kidding). Seriously though, occasionally I think it is important to reassess how we treat people. Sometimes all someone needs is a flipping hug, or a word of encouragement, or a quarter or a smile. Some of the nicest things that have ever been done for me were small but important. Sometimes I wonder if nonna needed me to hold her or if I needed her to hold me. At the end of the day I’m not even sure it even mattered. All I know is that there is no substitute for human contact, for kindness or empathy.

Jeez people, look what watching Golden Girls will spark for someone 😉

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