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Everything soup and school review, oh my!

Hey everyone!

Yesterday was pretty amazing for so many reasons!

1. I woke up early, dragged my decaffeinated butt to Starbucks and worked on a project for school for HOURS! I love productivity!

2. I got a call informing me that….. I will officially be a trainee starting in the Fall! I cannot believe it’s been almost a year since starting grad school 🙂 Now I cannot imagine NOT knowing my classmates or professors. I have to say my clinical skill professor is probably one of the best teachers I have EVER had. He is so tough on us, but it is somehow ok. He is ridiculously blunt. One day he said, “why do I intimidate you?” Who says that?? He does! He still does intimidate me, but I make him laugh, so I feel like he gets me . He is also the only person who has said to me, ” I’m here to beat you up, you don’t have to do it to yourself.” Last quarter we did a review and somehow, he picked up on EVERY insecurity I had (later I found out he pretty much did this to all of us, which made me feel better.haha) and made me rethink those things that I just couldn’t let go of… slowly but surely, those things that used to bother me about myself are fading like a scar does. It’s still there, but you don’t quite remember how you got it.  Anyhoo, SUPER EXCITED about this whole process!

3. I made soup! It really is a simple pleasure, but I love making tasty food! I found this recipe in

It was a Bacon and Greens soup. While it was the inspiration, I ended up changing it up a lot! It’s almost like an everything soup. You could switch out any ingredients. The original recipe called for kale, but I have tons of spinach so I used it instead. The use of “real bacon” was in the original recipe, but I don’t dig it, so I used Turkey bacon! The thing I really stuck to here was the use of chicken STOCK. I will never use broth again! I cannot tell you how much richer the taste to the soup was. It cannot compare. The best part is that I got unsalted chicken stock… no pesky sodium to worry about! here’s how it went down:

Turkey bacon, onion, garlic, zucchini, broccoli, stock white beans, spinach

olive oil, onion and garlic...sweating it out!

The smell at this point was heavenly… It reminded me of my nonna for some reason. She would make frittatas but I don’t remember her using bacon. It must have just been the onion. I have always heard that smells bring back memories:)

Look at that chicken stock people!! I only added garlic salt and red and black pepper to taste! I’m a little obsessed!

and now onto my secret ingredients that I use for most things…

I have made the mistake in the past to use way too much tomato paste. Just a reminder to all: It is 2-3x concentrated in the tube! I only used about a teaspoon – perfection!

my inspiration next to my reality!

Here’s the breakdown:

1 small onion, chopped

1-2 cloves of garlic, minced

1-2 tablespoons of olive oil

3 cups of chicken stock, unsalted (or vegetable broth… you can omit the turkey bacon and chicken too. Add your choice of protein 🙂 )

2 cups of water

1-2 zucchini (I used one)

1 handful of broccoli florets ( I like to pull the florets apart a bit to cook faster)

4 slices of turkey bacon

2-3 oz chicken (I didn’t plan to add this, but I had some oven roasted chicken and just thought, what the hell 🙂 )

1 can white beans, drained and rinsed

3 handfuls of spinach

salt, red and black pepper to taste

1 teaspoon of concentrated tomato paste

I am way too much like my nonna in a measuring sense. Do what looks right! haha.

I sweated the onion and garlic out, then added the turkey bacon and let them cook together. Then I turned up the fire and added the stock and water. When it began to boil, in went the broccoli and zucchini. After about 5 minutes I added the beans and spinach as they need only about 10 minutes. After looking through the fridge, I added the chicken (already cooked). To spice it up a bit I used the tiny amount of tomato paste and added more red pepper!  Altogether the soup making process should take about 20-25 minutes!

It is rich and delicious!

Off to have coffee with an old student and help her with her résumé! Love you guys!!

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