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What to do…

Hey guys!

I have been absent due to a little thing/hell called an oral psychopathology final. It went…okay. I do NOT like being put on the spot. Anxiety is the name of the game when it comes or that kind of stuff.  I am happy it is over 🙂

I have one more final and I am free for a while. The time off will include more writing, reading (for personal enjoyment and health), and a healthy purge of things I don’t need anymore. Have you ever been away from your childhood home, and come back later only realize you have a room full of “stuff” you haven’t seen, used or even liked in years? That’s where I’m at with my room at my family’s house. I am cleaning it out, giving things away, and in a way saying good-bye to the girl who lived there.

Sometimes I feel I’ve lived 3 or 4 different lives, many of which originated in that room.I remember I went through this phase of moving furniture around. I wanted to change myself, but instead thought it would be easier to change my environment. I remember totally ripping down my little mermaid posters, my parents spending the weekend putting a rose border wall paper up in my room. I remember moving out of he room my brother and I shared and into my own room at age six (I think it was six anyway). I remember the last night I spent in there before college and the first night I spent back at home after graduating. Both were nights of tossing and turning. I remember deciding it was time to be out on my own again. Now I realized 2 years after moving out, my room, doesn’t feel like mine anymore. It’s basically a storage room of memories. I think it’s time for new ones to be made in that room.

EHH, I’m just a lazy bum and will want to nap instead of clean 😉

Time to work on my take home final!

Happy Labor Day!!

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