About Me!

Hello All~

I may seem familiar to some of you. I had a blog called Kat’s Adventures in Healthy Living and Other Fun Stuff. Well, I got a mean comment and deleted the blog out of frustration. After thinking about it for about a week, I have decided that I love blogging and cannot let a dumb opinion bring me or what I want to do down. I am not a perfect person, nor would I ever want to portray that. Perfect doesn’t exist and if it did, it would sure be boring!

This blog is my personal journey to find balance and enjoyment in leading a healthier life. I am done with the ups and downs of “being good” and then “falling off the wagon”. Nope, there will be none of that here! As a person with a past of disordered eating, and a counseling psychology graduate student (who wants to work with young women with eating disorders eventually), I feel like taking this conscious step to live a healthy life is long overdue and I hope you join me!

Other awesome facts: I’m a goofball, I love my friends and family, and think you’re awesome for sticking with me! 😉

Any questions?

email me at kha1920@gmail.com

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